Mini Mux

Mini Mux

Eclypse International Mini Mux Control and Switch Modules, plus Software Developer Kit (SDK) provides high density test circuit switching as a complement to the Eclypse Circuit Analyzers. The Mini Mux Switching gives the user the ability to test continuity and isolation in complex assemblies with thousands of circuit paths (such as avionic back planes and chassis), while minimizing the test equipment complexity and footprint.


Designing Mini Mux switching into your test interface helps eliminate the need for large test interface cables running from circuit analyzers to complex and dense avionics equipment chassis and backplane assemblies. This approach reduces the size of analyzer required to perform complex testing.

Adaptable software allows incorporation of the Mini Mux measurements into Eclypse’s ELITE test executive, both as stand-alone test and in conjunction with measurements through the analyzer’s conventional switched matrix connections.


Mini-Mux Datasheet


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