Console Test Systems (CTS)

Console Test Systems (CTS)

Wire Systems Analyzer – Commercial Roll around detects and locates faults and detects degradation in electrical interconnect systems ranging from simple to complex. Used to verify the operation of relays, circuit breakers, indicators, switches, diodes, transformers, 1553 couplers, etc.

Benefits of this technology include:

  • Increases integrity of interconnect system (applicable to surface, air, and space systems)

  • Significantly reduces cycle time

  • Reduces false box removal and RETOKs

  • Easy to use

  • Common to all levels of maintenance

  • Provides high ROI

How does this equipment save lives, money or equipment for the military?

System integrity increased by detecting, identifying, and locating (latent) issues within the interconnecting system during a single maintenance event via thorough, repeatable, high-speed assessment and repair verification. Reduces the cycle time at all maintenance levels. Resolves ambiguity between LRUs and wiring thus reducing spares. Automated process guides users through step by step instructions with minimal user experience/training. Maintenance level equipment commonality reduces training and logistics. Increased integrity saves lives and equipment; Reduced logistics = High ROI
Our systems are used for quality inspection and final testing in production environment. Some examples include: Raytheon AMRAAM missile production, Sikorsky H-60 R and S production,
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