ELM – External Load Module

ELM – External Load Module

Circuit breakers are often overlooked during maintenance of electrical systems in aircraft, or often only verified for open and closed states. To test the true functional purpose of a circuit breaker it requires the application of current in excess of the rated trip value and then measure the time for the breaker to actually trip. This is the only way to verify that a circuit breaker will react as designed if an electrical failure occurs.


The ELM (External Load Module) is an accessory that is used in tandem with Eclypse Analyzers to supply up to 100 Amps of DC current to a circuit under test and precisely measure the elapsed time for that circuit to open. Most commonly, breakers are tested at 200% of their rated load, and with 100 Amps of output the ELM can test breakers rated up to 50 Amps with ease.

Connected directly to an Eclypse Analyzer, the ELM is controlled with the same software and programming language that existing programmers use, requiring little training to implement. The ELM’s 96 output channels can be individually wired to different circuits to accommodate testing of breaker panel assemblies without the need to continuously change the interface, creating a completely automated test process.


ELM Datasheet

Program Development Tools – CB-ATFG


To further simplify the development process, each ELM is delivered with the CB-ATFG (Circuit Breaker Automated Test File Generator) software utility that enables even users without programming training or experience to quickly create complete test programs for circuit breaker assemblies.

Built in user’s guide and simple user interface guides operators through the entire development process. Users can even preview the test code before saving their work. The CB-ATFG also acts as a database for different breaker types which can be entered with their test characteristics and stored for use in creating future ELM test programs.

For even faster results, Eclypse offers ELM Training Courses at either customer locations or at our factory.

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