Having the ability to detect faulty conditions in a wire bundle only satisfies a portion of the challenges in maintenance environments where platforms are becoming more complex with fewer available resources. The technicians are forced to predict potential fault locations which often lead to the disassembly of more areas than required. The extended amount of repair time increases costs and decreases operational readiness.


The Eclypse ESP+ Reflectometers are hand-held, non-intrusive analyzers that find the precise location of a short or open circuit within a cable. The ESP+ Standing Wave Reflectometer (SWR) meters provides the user the means to determine the nature and location of discontinuity in a cable by monitoring the impedance while varying the frequency of an oscillating signal that was injected into the cable from one end. The ESP+ devices are user friendly, menu driven meters designed to provide the operator explicit displays describing the type ,(open or short), and location from the measurement point to the wiring fault. Step-by-step instructions guide the operator through all of the menu operations while the alphanumeric screen displays the output.


The ESP+ can operate successfully in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C with a specified range of 1,000 feet. The device possesses the ability to store 99 programmable settings for various cable and conductor types, including coaxial, triaxial, multistrand single conductor, and twisted pair. The ESP+ Reflectometer retains all of the features of the original, but also contains a flash memory that allows the operator to store 32 test waveforms that can be uploaded to any personal computer for comparison and analysis.


ESP+ Datasheet


Standard Features:

Measurable Range: 0 to 1000 ft (0-304 m) Accuracy: ≤ 12 ft ± 6 in / > 12 ft ± 0.75%
Impedance (Z) Range: 20 to 400 ohms Velocity (Vp) Range: 0.2 to 1.0 Vp
Power Output: 2 Vp-p Max Input Protection: 250 VAC, 300 VDC
Cable Type Presets: 99 (user defined) Battery Life: Up to 40 hours
Operations/Users Manual Hard Copy* Computer Based Training CDROM
Waveform Capture: 32 Profiles ESP+ Flash Utilities (Windows PC)

ESP+ Flash Utilities


Bring the power of the ESP+ to your PC desktop with the ESP+ Flash Utilities. This powerful software enables users to download stored waveform data files from the ESP+ to standard Windows based computers. Waveform data can be stored for future reference, additional analysis, or compared with other captured data. In addition to being a waveform viewer, the ESP+ Flash utilities can perform several mathematical functions on stored waveform data to determine differentials, peak or null values, and more.


ESP+ meters can store up to 99 cable type presets to give users quick access to the common wire and cable types they encounter. With the standard ESP+ model users input these presets through the keypad on the meter, but with the ESP+ and the ESP+ Flash Utilities, users can create and manage multiple lists of presets that can be quickly downloaded to the ESP+ meter without the need for manual keypad entry.


The ESP+ Flash Utilities CD comes standard with each ESP+ meter.

For information on how see a demonstration of the ESP+ or how to purchase an ESP+ meter, visit our Contact page to speak to an Eclypse sales representative.