At Eclypse International, we measure our success through the successes of our customers. We have three decades of providing a wide array of problem solving options. Options ranging from ensuring system integrity, in-theater troubleshooting, data collection and more, and continue to deliver remarkable return on investment.

System Integrity Solutions

F-15 APG-70 Radar TestEclypse Analyzer in Commercial Airline Engine Shop

Eclypse solutions ensure integrity for over 100 military and commercial systems. These deployed solutions include the following systems:

  • Anti-Skid
  • Auto-Pilot
  • Flight Control
  • Fuel Quantity
  • Automatic Flight Control System
  • Forward Looking Infrared Radar
  • Inter Communications System
  • Secondary Power System
  • Circuit Breaker Panels

Return on Investment

Eclypse’s pricing, industry leading delivery time, and equipment flexibility result in exceptionally quick and lucrative returns on investment. Significant ROI in under a year is common; in fact, in some cases ROI is realized after just a few uses. Here are some ROI examples from current Eclypse customers.

AFCS Testing

AFCS Computers

AFCS computers can cost upwards of $30,000 and require 800 man hours to repair. So when one of our customers was experiencing an especially high failure rate, it was time to identify the root cause; working with Eclypse, it was determined that faults in the system wiring had caused the damage to the computers. With a root cause identified, the team was able to implement Eclypse testing on the AFCS electrical system and eliminate it as a source of computer damage.

Analyzers on C-2 Aircraft
Aircraft Rewire

Imagine a complete rewire of the entire fleet of one of the U.S. military’s largest and most mission-critical cargo aircraft. The effort includes over 13,000 wires, circuit breaker panels, relay boxes, and various electrical components per plane. Due to its large size and complexity, one aircraft used take a month to cycle through the depot. Working with Eclypse, the customer was able to slash that time to just a single week, increasing readiness and availability of assets.

Secondary Power System

Using a multimeter to test the Secondary Power System of one of the Air Force’s premier fighter jets takes around 30 hours. There are approximately 220 wires and it’s virtually impossible to check all possible opens and shorts. Partnering with Eclypse, the customer instituted a solution that cuts testing time to four hours, while at the same time checking for all possible opens and shorts.

Data Driven Solutions

RAU-with-ELITEData is an extremely valuable resource. It can be used to determine root causes, reduce variance, provide input to Six Sigma metrics, and contribute to overall improvements in processes and procedures. Eclypse solutions are designed from ground up to accommodate and facilitate data collection. Everything from measurement, repair, distance to fault, and unit under test data is collected during solution execution and use.

Fault Location in a Test FileData-Viewer

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